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We believe that a well thought-out development process is the key to success. Only with a growth oriented mindset and lifestyle can an athlete reach their full potential. We are aware of what we can and cannot control, so we choose to spend quality time and energy strictly on the things we can control. For our coaches, the what and how are more important than why and want. Through an athlete’s dedication to the pursuit of excellence, the results will follow. Only with gratitude in mind every step of the way, will the player enjoy the time on his or her journey.


JMG’s rapid rise to being a top-junior tennis academy is based on a philosophy of important components which focus on aspects of a player’s development and performance on and off the court. We specialize in developing a well-rounded competitor for juniors, college, and pro levels. JMG’s philosophy will quickly make a difference in a player’s ability and their improvement will only continue to grow over time. 

Our five “Performance” components cover the spectrum of a junior tennis player’s development. See diagram, each component has its own significant importance. Often, other academies will overlook Sports Psychology, Tournament Consulting, and Individual Attention. At JMG Tennis, our programs and staff are laser focused on providing the expertise and guidance for each of the performance components. We do know each player is uniquely different, and if necessary, we will take the time to provide more attention to one component over another.  Our player’s accomplishments are proof our “Performance” philosophy works. Please contact us for more information.