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Over the years, with such great success with the development program, JMG has just recently moved towards focusing on getting players to the top of the professional tour. We will take similar fundamentals that make our development program so strong to the Pro side. Many of our Pro players grew up in development programs. We are extremely excited to be moving this direction.

Our Pro group provides professional players and current high level collegiate players with professional aspirations the resources and disciplined environment necessary to excel on the Pro tour. We focus on individualized training programs for our Pro players and offer each player as much attention as he or she needs to meet the demands of the professional tennis circuit.


Each Pro player will have their own personalized meeting with Joseph Gilbert to structure a daily schedule and to understand the expectations from both sides. These meetings will happen on a regular basis. Players will have a group of college and Pro sparring partners for drills and point play, in a competitive PRO environment. Joseph Gilbert along with the JMG staff will monitor practices to provide feedback and determine the technical and tactical areas of improvement needed for each player. Areas for improvement are then addressed and focused in daily private work. Players receive a second coach from the JMG staff at home and to travel with on the road. They will have unlimited access to Arden Hills, one of the top sports facilities in the country and to Results Physical Therapy and Training, another facility for the highest level of fitness and physical therapy.


All Pro players are overseen by Joseph Gilbert with a staff of traveling coaches that are available to travel up to 30 weeks a year. Tournament scheduling will be a team effort to decide on the best route to get the best performance from the player.


JMG can offer or connect the Pro players with multiple sponsors and agents they have built relationships with overtime. Some of our Pros are already taking advantage of these benefits and have signed contracts with multiple companies.


Our players enjoy unlimited access to a full on-site 50,000 sq. ft. fitness facility, including strength training, free weights, cardio machines, basketball, and an Olympic swimming pool. (see here)


RESULTS Physical Therapy and Training Center


Physical Therapy and Training Center is a premier sports medicine and training facility in the Northern, CA region. RESULTS combines the science of sports medicine with the principles of strength and conditioning to maximize the athlete’s full potential. RESULTS has worked with many of the top professional athletes, professional teams, college, high school and younger competitive athletes. Upon enrollment in the RESULTS program, each player will go through an “assessment” to determine his or her base level of conditioning as well as his or her greatest conditioning needs. A tailored program will be created for each player based on these needs. Each program includes dynamic flexibility, rehab, form run, speed mechanics, response, skill work, core power, lifts, and regeneration. The program is an extensive 4 days/week approximately 1-1.5 hours/day. This program is exclusively for elite and professional athletes. On top of this program, players will have access to recovery equipment (cupping, STEM, Normatech, etc.) after each workout.