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JMG Program


Purpose: To provide one-on-one expertise to accelerate the growth of the player.

Lessons are with athlete’s primary coach. The number of lessons is individual and is based on overall goal set by a player.



Purpose: To provide an environment with healthy competition to gain experience in playing higher and lower level players. This training is specifically level-based; age and sex DO NOT play a factor.



Purpose: To make the student a better overall athlete by developing speed, strength, flexibility, and balance.
Training groups are determined by fitness ability, NOT TENNIS SKILLS. Players perform athletic testing. Cross training classes are offered. Ex: swimming, yoga.



Purpose: Recovery room services include: ultrasound, cryotherapy, massage, taping, cold laser, stretching tables and training equipment (foam rollers, bands, etc.) The Doctor of Chiropractic will be available for services by appointment.



Purpose: To obtain an alert, highly competitive and fearless attitude; players will be taught how to be problem solvers, as well as to have a broad perspective and understand that there is much bigger world than just tennis and themselves.

Two sports  psychologists are available off-site if needed.
Players will be taught time management and behavioral skills of a professional.
Players will set long term goals in order to hold themselves accountable for reaching their own goals in a realistic, time oriented manner.
A mentorship program will be established for older players to gain experience from a coaching perspective



Purpose: To encourage the value of learning: we provide the necessary tools for preparing your child to excel personally if they decide to pursue a formal education

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